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Avoid a Keto Diet if You Have This

Everything comes with its pros and cons, including a keto diet. While this weight loss diet may not show its harmful effects in an otherwise healthy individual, serious consequences may occur over the period and in case of unawareness. However, there are some conditions under which you must never follow a keto diet plan. Check them out to avoid any danger.

  • Eating disorder: If you have had any kind of eating disorder like binge eating, it is best to be treated in a way that your doctor prescribes and not by jumping on to a keto diet. Eliminating certain food components from your diet suddenly can lead to many other types of serious health issues.
  • Type I diabetes: A ketogenic diet lowers the blood sugar level significantly. Thus, it can be a crisis situation for those who are suffering from type I diabetes and are dependent on insulin.
  • Thyroid problem: Many experts suggest that a keto diet may cause the suppression of thyroid hormones. Thus, if you are facing thyroid problems, seek your doctor’s advice before you follow a keto diet. Those with hypothyroidism should strictly avoid this weight loss diet.
  • Multiple sclerosis: Being on a keto diet for a long time can negatively affect your health if you have multiple sclerosis disease. The diet may not be safe due to its potential side effects for MS patients.
  • Removed gallbladder: If you have got your gallbladder removed, then it is unsafe for you to go on a keto diet. The gallbladder is responsible for the digestion of fat. When you are on a high-fat diet, you may face multiple health problems without the gallbladder.

If you are facing these or similar health problems or you are unaware of the risks involved with a keto diet, it is advisable to avoid it unless your doctor approves.

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